WebMap Application Settings only displaying ‘Use in ArcGIS Field Maps Mobile’, not displaying in Collector

02-22-2021 12:10 PM
New Contributor

Our organization publishes many WebMaps using ArcGIS Pro for offline use in Collector. We have begun our slow transition to using Field Maps, but many field crews are still using Collector.

Since December, we have noticed that some of our WebMaps appear only in Field Maps and not in Collector. In the Application Settings these maps will only have ‘Use in ArcGIS Field Maps Mobile’ listed and NOT ‘Use in ArcGIS Collector’. After reviewing our Web Feature Layers and publishing process we cannot figure out why some maps display in both apps and why some stubbornly refuse to display in Collector.

The only solution we have found involves repeatedly re-publishing (or creating new Web Maps with the WFL) until the ‘Use in ArcGIS Collector’ check box inexplicably appears in the Application settings.

Is there a reliable way for our maps to consistently appear in Collector, as they did previously?

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