Web Map not showing on Collector app

08-25-2021 10:27 AM
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I have a Web Map page saved and shared in my organization. I open the Collector app and no map's are showing up.


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Hi, To show map in collector app may be you can try this option. when you share as a service 


you have to go through several dialog box. Here, you find Feature Access option.


here, check mark on Create, Delete, Query, Sync, Update. and then follow rest of the dialog box. at the end click on publish button. Now, when you connect to portal in my content tab you see web layer. Open feature layer file and then open in Map Viewer and save this file. after that open collector app to collect data.





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Hi @KatieBorst1

Please review the contents of the Esri KnowledgeBase Technical article to help you troubleshoot,

Problem: Unable to view a web map in Collector for ArcGIS

Hope this helps,

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This post needs a little more information to troubleshoot:

1. What user licence do you have?

2. In the settings of the webmap is it enabled for use in Collector?


3. Are you creating your webmap from services hosted in AGOL or Enterprise? If enterprise, what version are you running?

4. Are there any services in there not supported by collector? Such as a feature layer generated from an uploaded shapefile?

5. And the biggie, is there at least 1 editable feature service in there? Collector and field maps won't show maps without one.

6. Finally, try accessing the web map with Field Maps.

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