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Web Map not downloading

11-03-2020 10:25 AM
New Contributor III

Hi folks, we are really struggling with Collector.  As a starting point, I am using the documentation for "Offline maps and traditional versioned data".  Below is a short description of our setup:

Source data projection: Stateplane/EPSG: 2913

ArcMap - publishing environment

Portal for ArcGIS - building web map for Collector

ArcGIS Server - publishing feature service to server with sync, edit, delete, select capabilities

Data Store - established connection to our source data in SDE/Enterprise data base.  Data will not be copied to server

Global IDs built on feature classes w/in feature dataset

With our initial testing, I was able to publish one or two feature classes to ArcGIS Server and build a web map within Portal using an AGOL basemap (outlined w/in document mentioned above).  However, one of the requirements is that all data must be in the same spatial reference.  The basemap is EPSG: 4326 and the asset data is EPSG: 2913.  How do I project the basemap to 2913?  Is this done on the fly? 

Anyway, I built the web map with very little configurations and was able to consume within Collector, edit, and synchronize.

Next, I added 30 assets/feature services to my ArcMap session and published with feature service capabilities.  In addition, labeling had been enabled within ArcMap (no Maplex).  Within Portal, I created a new web map and used Arcade scripting to configure the popups.  I made sure that offline was enabled and all features were editable.

The new web map is not working.  Sometimes user can see the web map, but upon download it hangs.  In addition, I created map areas to help reduce the amount of content within the download.  Still not working

So, what is going on?  Are there limitations when using traditional versioning?

  1. When publishing a feature service from ArcMap, do all the fields need to be enabled?  I'm assuming yes for traditional versioning.
  2. Do all the items participating within the web map need to have the same spatial reference? For example, we use Stateplane (EPSG: 2913) as our default projection. However, the basemap we consume from AGOL uses WGS84 Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere | EPSG: 4326). Is this a problem?  Did  not seem to be an issue when I tested using one feature service.
  3. Is there a limitation on the number of features within a web map that will be consumed by Collector?
  4. Within the web map, we have customized the pop-ups using Arcade scripting. Will Collector be able to handle this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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