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Valve exercising app

05-13-2015 09:30 AM
New Contributor

I've downloaded the valve exercising app data package. I have it located in Arc Catalog, I'm not sure about where to go from here. I need to be able to use my source data and my extent. I'm trying to create an Collector App for my field tech's. A few instructions would have been nice.

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These maps and apps are built to work with the Local Government Information Model.  The way I have replaced the data in the map with my data is copying and pasting it to another folder.  This breaks all of the data connections since they are looking for data in a relative path.  I then click on one of the layers and point it to my layer in the file geodatabase that houses my Local Government Information Model, the map finds the rest of the layers on its own.

Again, this only works if you have your data in the LGIM.

Jeff Ward
Summit County, Utah
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