Using "Box" to pass .tpk files to Collector for iOS - iTunes work around

03-23-2015 01:12 PM
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I am trying to use the "Box" app - which is very similar to "Dropbox", a cloud storage solution - to send tile packages (.tpk) to ESRI Collector for iOS.  Unfortunately, "Box" and Collector do not (yet) communicate.  Ultimately, I am attempting to bypass using iTunes to transfer .tpk files.  Is there any possibility that ESRI Collector will be able to talk to "Box" one of these days?  Anyone attempted to bypass iTunes?  It is "not allowed" for most users within my agency.  Thanks!   

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Hi All

Just bumping related thread.

As there have been no replies, would I be correct to assume this is something simple to figure out / do?

Our IT don't allow iTunes on our computers.