Using a Definition Query in Collector Offline Mode

04-28-2016 11:58 AM
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So i am playing around with using Collector for inspections of stormwater drain inlets.

Due lack of 3G/4G capability on our ipads we have to relay on the WiFi signal, which in certain areas will drop out on you,  meaning you can not update any features so to get around this we have been working in offline mode.

So far this has been fine however one of the staff had a request that there be a way to see which inlets have been inspected.

I first tried using,  "Unique values, many fields" to symbolize based on the storm inlet type and inspected (y/n) fields but that dosent work.

So next i tried using multiple layers, one for each storm inlet type but then i ran in to the "multiple layers are referencing..." error when i tried to take it offline.

so then i tried using a definition query to hide storm inlets that been inspected and this works in the fact that i can get it offline but when they change the field to inspected (y/n) to a "Yes" it doesnt update on the map.

Since it seems the only way i am going to get this to work is using a def query to hide inspected features how can i set it up correctly?

I have tried publishing a feature service with the def query on the layer and setting the def query in the map in AGOL but neither seem to work/

Any advice?

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I have asked a similar question previously see here​.