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10-22-2015 11:47 AM
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After the recent update, I am no longer able to edit one of the feature layers that is a point zm geomtry type. Using the Ipad and Iphone apps, I get the "Update Failed" error in the picture every time I try to update a feature.


Feature editing works fine using the built-in editor on ArcGIS Online and the editor in the webmap that we have deployed. There hasn't been any change to the service or the ArcGIS online map. This leads me to believe that the problem is with the Collector App. I'm aware that Collector doesn't support m-values, but we have been using the app to update attributes and add new points to this layer for a couple weeks without any problems. It has only started giving me this error after the update.

Does anyone know of a work around or change of setting that would help fix this? I have read about using the geoprocessing tools to strip out the m- and z- values and republishing using the copied feature class, but I would prefer a fix that didn't involve stopping the service as it's perfectly functional in the web maps.

Any help is appreciated,


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Could you check the version of Collector that you have?  A more recent update just went out this week.  I believe it should be 10.3.5


Brian Baldwin, Esri Inc., Lead Solution Engineer
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I am on 10.3.5 on the iPhone. I don't have the iPad here to check, but I believe it was on 10.3.4.

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As I've been told,  you can not edit lines the at have M values in collector. I had a similar experience where I swear we were able to successfully edit lines with m values at one time and then magically one day it would not work.  We have since removed m values from any line feature classes we wish to edit in collector.

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Yes, you can't data with M-values in Collector.  You could get away with it in previous versions but with the 10.3.5, this "Update Failed . . ." error appeared.  If you want to edit your data in Collector, you will need to remove the M-values.

Although the following KB article is a bit dated, it may be of help in case you choose to remove the M-Values from your feature class: 35818 - Remove Z- and/or M-values from a feature class.

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This is a major problem with Collector!  If the data is coming from a geodatabase that is replicating with another geodatabase with m values in the data, then you can't remove the m values or you will break the replica with no way to recreate it.  Fix it please because ESRI designed our system to do it this way only to find out it can't work.


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Anyone still having trouble with this? I'm getting the error on iOS, but not Android when trying to edit the attributes of a feature in Collector. I'm running Collector 18.0.1 and iOS 11.3.1

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