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Unable to download Collector Map - 'Create replica internal error'

09-10-2018 08:04 AM
New Contributor III

I have my web map enabled for offline use, containing ONLY hosted feature layers.  All are enabled for sync.  When attempting to download the map for offline use in Collector I get the following error:

'Unable to create replica.  Please check your parameters., Create replica internal error'

Most of the help topics such as this page:

Error: The map failed to download. Failed to create replica 

are assuming enterprise rather than hosted feature services.

Has anyone experience this, and hopefully found a solution?

replica synchronize‌

failed replication‌


unable to download map in collector‌

#hosted data

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New Contributor III

The documentation shows that versioned data can be the cause of this error. However, I am getting the same error using hosted features with versioning turned off on AGOL. Has there really been no response from ESRI to to this issue? It is really affecting my field crews ability to go out and collect data with this app (both classic and new).

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