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Unable to create replica. unable to download Map

10-23-2017 05:04 PM
New Contributor II

I have been trying to download a map with Points, Lines, Polygons and raster's to be used offline from ArcGIS online through the ArcCollector app. I keep receiving the same error. It will download depending on the scale either 20% or 80% then I will receive the classic error message of [Map Download] Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters. Exporting data from layer 1 failed.

Here are my unsuccessful troubleshooting Technics:

1. Checked settings for hosted feature layer (Offline Use)

2. Check Map settings to make sure Offline mode is enabled.

3. Removed Layer 1 in contents panel.

4. Removed potential data that could be the same (Stream_Line and Correct_Stream_Line)

5. Published/Overwrite existing service

7. Created a new map added feature service.

6.Removed all layers accepted Cached Raster (This obviously worked)

I have concluded its a problem with the Feature Service.... I am out of ideas on how to get this map to work. Any thoughts or answers would be much appreciated.

The map also has SSURGO soils data which could also be a potential problem due to the amount of records. 

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New Contributor II

I have figured out that the problem in this case happens when you alter the Feature Service layer names in ArcGIS Online Map. It appears that they must be the same names as the Uploaded Feature Service being used....