Trying to create Unique ID for each newly added feature

03-30-2016 07:40 AM

I have been looking around the interwebs for a solution. I have come across multiple different Unique ID tutorials but I'm not sure if they are exactly what I'm looking for. So I'm here asking to see if anyone has any advice and can maybe point me in a direction to start learning.

What I'm trying to do is have a Unique ID for each new feature added in the field with the collector app. There will be at any given time 10-15 people connected to the same feature service. Every time they add a new feature I would like to have a field with a ID that is only unique to that added feature for that feature class within the feature service. This Unique ID can not change. Would be a bonus to be able to have a prefix.

Please be gentle I have done research on this but since I'm new to ArcGIS I'm not exactly sure what solution would fit my needs.

Thank you in advance!

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Your best bet for automatically generating a unique ID using Collector for ArcGIS, is to use a GlobalID-type field for the ID.  That is the only field type that will auto-populate in Collector.

Other methods used throughout the ESRI ecosystem for generating unique ID's rely on coding/scripting that cannot be applied in Collector.