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Trimble R12

02-14-2020 09:17 AM
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Good Morning, I was wondering if anyone had any success using a Trimble R12 with Collector?  If so would you be able to share how you were able to accomplish this.  I get it set up and it looks like it is going to work but once I open my webmap I get a GPS not found error. I was able to get this to work in Collector Classic, so I guess I was assuming it would work in Collector.  Very likely I am doing something wrong or missing something, I thought I followed the steps outlined in the documentation but no success. 

I have second question related to this.  If I have an existing feature service and I move a feature the Northing and Easting update along with capturing the GPS metadata specifically the latitude and longitude are also captured.  Looking closer the latitude and longitude are not matching the updated Northing and Easting,  I would think that the Northing and Easting would match the latitude and longitude. What could cause the Northing and Easting to update incorrectly but the latitude and longitude correct? Lastly is it possible to have the Northing and Easting captured instead of latitude and longitude when a new feature is created?  Any help with this would be appreaciated.\


Dan Senner

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Did you ever find a solution to this? We're trying the same thing with a Trimble TSC5 and R12. See the R12 on Trimble Mobile Manager but no antenna when using Collector.

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Anyone has any luck to this? We are getting Trimble R12i next year and that would be REALLY helpful if I could collect straight to the CollectorApp.

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