TPK not showing up in Collector (beta) for Android

01-28-2020 07:36 AM
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I created a map in our Enterprise Portal for offline use in the new Collector (beta) android.  I created the map with a blank basemap that has tile cache to enable offline settings in the map.  I then selected which TPK I wanted to use for offline (see attachment).  I copied that TPK to a folder I created on the phone called ArcGIS_Collector

When I open the map in the collector I do not see the TPK basemap and it is still using the blank basemap.  I do not see any option within this Android beta version to add the TPK either. I only see the basemaps in the basemap gallery.


1) Does the latest Android Collector (beta) recognize TPK's or not?

2) Where are they supposed to be stored on the phone?

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by Esri Regular Contributor
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Hi Adam! I replied to your email as well, but to wrap up this thread...

Thanks for your feedback on the beta! Since you are using the beta, please post in the forum of the Collector Early Adopter community. That way the right people from the team see it, as well as other bata participants who might be experiencing similar things. Thanks!

(Also, for this particular question, yes, TPKs are supported. But the storage location for TPKs is different in the new app. There is a beta forum post about this.)

Esri Education Team
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