Tile Packages and Collector.

07-20-2014 08:38 PM
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I would like to use a Tiled Pckage to streamline the amount of syncing in Collector 10.2.4.  I want to use World Imagery but you cannot include ESRI basemaps when creating it in ArcMap.  Someone at the UC showed me how you could Export Tiles with tiledbasemaps.arcgis.com/arcgis but it keeps asking for a login - do I need Portal for this to work and not just an Organization ArcGIS Online account?

and even if I did, I also have my own map services I would want to create a TPK out of, but would I have a problem anyway because I then would have two TPK, one with World Imagery, and one with my own data, and could not overlay them?

I ask because the square extract area is not helpful because I have an area that is 600 feet X 200 miles.

BTW does anyone know the full name / email for I think it was Gary at the Collector station at the UC?  I was asking him about an "Illegal Token" error and he was going to look up some things - I have some new information on my end, and I can't find his card! Thanks!

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Hi Greg,  I'll send you an email so we can get the info..  --Gary

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You just need a ArcGIS Online org account to access tiledbasemaps. You will still hit the same 100,000 tile limit. You could copy a downloaded basemap from the Collector, bring it into ArcMap and mash it up with your own layers and generate a new tpk which can then be sideloaded onto the device.

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