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Syncing Offline Feature Edits, not Collections

04-27-2020 05:59 AM
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I created a map with a point layer for beach signs.  There were various attributes associated with the points that we were updated as we checked them.  Now that we've done that though, I'm not able to synchronize my edits to ArcGIS online.  I'm guessing this is because we didn't actually create any new features, only edited existing ones.  Can anyone fill me in on what the problem with this is and if there is a way I can upload my edited feature layer from the tablet?



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Are you getting a specific error message when trying to sync?


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Hi Leif,

In addition to the question Katherine asked, I have a few more:

- Which platform are you using? Windows/iOS/Android

- What version of Collector are you using?

- When you configured your feature services editing capabilities, does it support full editing or update attributes only?

- What type of tablet are you working with?



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