Syncing issues with iOS 8.3 ipads.

05-04-2015 04:14 PM
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Syncing issues with iOS 8.3 ipads.

Collected a large number of points offline with associated photos (approximately 133 points and over 200 photos). When we return to wireless, to sync up, we keep receiving a sync error: illegal start of token....  any advice?  This is happening on two different ipads, on two different maps.  tests run with same maps, with just a few data points on both ipads allows for successful sync.  Is the data demand too large?

Update 6-15-15: Solved

Thanks to super help at ESRI customer support we found that it must be a certificate issue with our server.  Once we installed fiddler and downloaded our data using fiddler, the certificates were trusted and we had no issues.  I will eventually work to address the actual certificate/trust issue, but in the meantime we can get back to work.  Here are the instructions for using fiddler.

Configure Fiddler to Capture Web Traffic from an iPhone/iPad | Support Services Blog

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Hi Jefferson. Please provide more information:

- is this an ArcGIS Online hosted feature service? Or is it an ArcGIS Server feature service?

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Hi Tobias,

yes sorry, it is AGOL.

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Your check-in database is too large - we've experienced this issue countless times with Collector when collecting large numbers of photos.

The version of iOS is irrelevant in this case.  Here's what we do when we run into this situation:

  1. Plug iPad into computer with iTunes
  2. Pull off the offline geodatabase (it will be in a folder in the File Sharing area)
  3. Convert the .geodatabase to an Esri File Geodatabase with ArcMap 10.3
  4. Manually add in your new attachments and features to your parent database with ArcMap

Although Esri claims there is no limit on the size of a geodatabase sync we've observed failures with anything over 700mb - 1gb in size.

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