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Sync back to local computer?

08-01-2014 09:00 AM
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HI all,

I am just learning the highly complicated process of using Collector.  I have figured out how to add/edit features on Collector and how to sync back to ArcGIS Online.  Is there some part of the process that will sync back to my desktop or do I have to open the ArcGIS Online version of everything the export the features and reimport them into a map on the desktop?

Request list for Future Collector capabilities.

1. allow tpk tile package files and the files that collector creates from them to be located on an external SD card.  Otherwise, these eat a lot of memory.

2. allow the symbols to be edited on the device.  What looks big for point symbols on the desktop is tiny on the device and the symbol can't be edited.

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Hi Patrick,

You can drag the hosted feature service into ArcMap create a local copy for editing by doing the following:

**This topic applies to ArcGIS for Desktop Standard and ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced only.**

- Log in to ArcGIS Online from the File menu

- Open Catalog and expand the My hosted services section

- Drag the desired service into ArcMap

If you would like to make edits in the feature service using ArcMap you will have to right click the feature service group layer in the ArcMap table of contents. This will only download the number of features allowed by the max record count for the feature service. The default max record count is 1,000. You can then make edits and by right clicking the group layer again you can sync the edits back to the ArcGIS Online feature service.

If you wanted to download the data and work locally in ArcMap you will have to Export to File Geodatabase in the item description of the Feature Service.

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Ok, I think I understand.  It is kind of a reverse logic from a more intuitive standpoint.  The normal logic would be that you create a map in ArcGIS, move it to ArcGISOnline, then access that through Collector.  When you hit sync on the Collector, the syncing should automatically migrate back to your Desktop, or at least have a sync option button on the Desktop.

The actual logic is that you throw bits of what you will need to AGOL,  Build a map on AGOL, Download it to the Collector and sync back and forth with AGOL, Then drag the AGOL Map back to the Desktop once where it can be synced with AGOL.  So each sync is a two step process at least.  I realize that Collector is really in early development and will be awesome when it is complete, but really, syncing should be more of a one-step process it seems to me.

Thanks for your reply.

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