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Simple feature collection need help

10-21-2015 05:03 AM
New Contributor

I am trying to create a mobile collector app that will allow our City’s recycling drivers to log a property that is putting their recycling out for pickup.  It has to be SIMPLE.  I was thinking the best way would be by GPS tracking the vehicle and touching the parcel that is recycling.  By touching the parcel it would log the event in the parcel layer.  I have not been able to find a collector app that has this kind of capability.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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what you propose would kind of work, here are the problems I see:

1. the tablet in the truck would always have to be ON, and not go into standby mode

2. I assume its in the city, so the tablet would be best to have cellular data plan so you can reduce reliance on GPS signal which might be impacted inside the truck cab. This is all so that Collector can display current location, relative to your base map parcels

3. I assume you would setup a relationship class between parcel polygons and a new recycling table you create

4. There would not be an out-of the box way to simply touch a parcel poly in Collector and populate a related record in your recycle table.

5. You would have to touch [select] parcel poly, scroll down on details screen, choose "new" to add record to your related table, then "submit" to save. So, 3 clicks instead of 1.

6. Having drivers/field crew that are diligent and care about building a good database. I have found that is the toughest challenge.

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