Side-loaded Basemaps not appearing in Collector after Ipad Update

08-07-2018 03:55 AM
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On my Ipad I have created a TPK which I used as a base map for my downloaded maps on COllector.  The basemap was side loaded a while ago using Itunes.

My Ipad recently had a major update - going from Version 9 to Version 11.

Now when I use Collector to download a map onto my device, I can see my basemap TPK in the Choose Basemap section, however when I click on it to choose my work area nothing appears - just a blank square, so am unable to download a map (see attached photo)

Has anyone had this problem before and is able to suggest possible workarounds?

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Hi Matt

I am having the same problem with my iphone device. Have you found any solution? Thanks 

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Hi Matt,

It looks like you are using Collector Classic. For clarification, you updated your iOS from version 9.x to 11.x? Perhaps something changed in the way iOS organizes the folders between these versions. If you are able to do so, connect your device to your computer and go to your device in iTunes. Browse to the files shared with the device and select the Collector app. There should be a 'basemaps' folder if you have basemaps stored on the device recognized by Collector. If not, you may need to transfer again. 

I believe the Files app was introduced at iOS 11 which allows you to accomplish the same workflow above directly on your device



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