Should we use "for export" vector basemaps when authoring for offline Collector?

12-21-2018 01:16 PM
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I see that there's a set of ESRI official vector basemaps that is specifically "for export" to take offline.  Is it recommended to use those when authoring a webmap that you plan to use offline in Collector?  I don't see them when I search the Living Atlas inside the web map "add item" but reading the summary of the item, it sounds like this would be preferred.  Since you have to have a basemap in your map, and since you can't yet indicate that you already have a basemap on the device you want to reference when creating an offline area (ad hoc or via web map), there is going to be a lot of basemap downloading going on.

I found them with the tag World_Basemap_Export_v2

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