Retrieve data off of iPad?

05-17-2016 03:24 AM
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Hi.  I am trying to figure out how to retrieve data off of an iPad.  I have followed the guidance on the webpages below, but the problem is that I do not seem to have the geoprocessing tools required.

I haev ArcGIS 10.2 for DEsktop, Basic license.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


Tuto: Collector for ArcGIS: Go (really) offline! | CartoBLOG

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See here: Supported data—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS

Offline data

Some layers in your maps can be taken offline to allow users to collect data when they have no connectivity. Layers that support being taken offline are as follows:

  • ArcGIS Server feature services (10.2.2 or later)
    • If using related tables or restricted feature service capabilities, it requires ArcGIS 10.3 for Server or later
    • Enterprise geodatabase 10.2 or later
  • ArcGIS Server tiled map services (10.2.2 or later)
  • Feature layers hosted on ArcGIS Online
  • Feature layers hosted on Portal for ArcGIS
    • Requires ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server or later
    • Enterprise geodatabase 10.2 or later
  • Tiled map layer hosted on ArcGIS Online
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