Retaining EXIF Metadata for Collector Photo Attachments Exported to File GDB

10-05-2017 07:00 AM
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Can EXIF metadata be extracted from photo attachments in a file geodatabase exported from ArcGIS Online? We are using Collector to conduct a field inventory. Many photos are taken at each location using Collector so that the photo attachments are relationally linked to the location. If I view an individual photo uploaded from Collector in ArcGIS Online and save that photo to disk the EXIF metadata (including the "Date Taken" field) is preserved intact.

However, if I export all the features (including their related photo attachments) from ArcGIS Online to a file geodatabase, and then extract the photos to JPG files using the attached script, the EXIF data no longer appear with each photo image. The "date" of the photo becomes the date it was exported to JPG. 

I need the photos exported from the file geodatabase downloaded from ArcGIS Online to retain their EXIF data so that I can add a date-time stamp to each photo based on the "Date Taken" EXIF field. I would welcome any suggestions on how to retain the EXIF data in the file geodatabase exported from ArcGIS Online, if that is possible, and how to modify the JPG export script to write out photos with selected EXIF Metadata. 

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Hey Michael,

I'm wondering if you ever found a solution to this issue?  



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I am also curious if you found a solution to maintaining exif data when exporting photos from an attachment reel. Thanks! 

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