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Related Tables in Collector

08-08-2018 12:44 PM
New Contributor

Relationship Classes in ArcGIS Collector.

I have the following data model:

These have relationship classes setup properly in the database and show up in the service and work fine.

The web map works fine, we can click a Sign and see the related Owner information, as well as violations.

In Collector, we can see and edit the Violations table, but we cannot see the related owner information for the sign.  Is it not possible to view the relationship in that direction with Collector?

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Just to be clear - 

a sign owner can have multiple permitted signs.

a permitted sign can have multiple violations.

I believe that for collector to see the sign owners table you'll need to create the relationship class so the direction goes:

Signs have multiple



At least this is how I've always set it up.

Hope this helps

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