Recover lost data when 'Update Failed' in Collector

03-30-2016 04:09 PM
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When I submit data in collector, I know why it is failing (errors on the user side).  What I would like is not to loose all of my data.  Users spend 30 min entering in data then when they submit, if they put a character in a integer field, the 'Update Fails'.  That is fine, but what is not fine is when you hit cancel, it erases the whole entry.  It would be nice if you could just go back one step, find your error, and resubmit.

Other than making all data types strings, is there any way to back up and check data to resend again??  We really do not want anyone to be able to put anything in a field, but also do not want to loose data.


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We also had this issue recently and lost all of the point data after hitting Cancel, although I don't believe it was due to field types but rather spotty cell coverage.  However, on a field job performed in Summer 2015 with an earlier version of Collector, there were a number of times where the update failed BUT the point and all of its attributes remained in place after hitting Cancel instead of Retry. When better cell coverage was available the update would be pushed up. Why is this feature not available anymore?

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