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Re: Not all layers get loaded in Collector for ArcGIS

05-02-2019 06:30 AM
Esri Contributor

I'm not sure if I understand the answers on all these different cases. For me, I have a web map that contains three editable layers (point, polygon and polyline fcs from the same database). All of them have a field TYPE that use the same coded value domain. All these three layers work fine in Collector, but I have a fourth layer (read only) from the same database that won't show. This layer does not use the same coded value domain or have a TYPE field. Then, my fifth layer (read only) from another database shows up just fine. All the featurelayers in the webmap is published on a standalone ArcGIS Server, and registered as items in Portal. There is a lot of talking about updates to ArcGIS Online in this thread, but what about Portal? What could be the cause to the problem I see? Everything works just fine in Collector Classic

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