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Re: Map Failed To Download

03-11-2019 11:34 AM
New Contributor III

I am having this issue with a hosted layer that I have created using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.1.

the layer publishes to the portal just fine with edit and sync enabled, I can create webmap without issue within the portal and allow the map to show up in collector app, but when I try to download offline maps through the collector app it is requiring me to log into AGOL which by itself would be fine, but it does not give me time to enter my username/password and even after I enter it, the sync still fails.

any help on this would be appreciated, I would be more than happy to share any further details required.  I am working to deploy a brand new app into production so there is no historical data, no historical versions, but I have gotten offline maps to download with this map during my development, but lately it is failing and I am not sure why.  


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