Problems with Collector on Windows Surface Pro 2 tablet

05-24-2018 10:00 AM
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I want to deploy teams using Collector for Windows on Surface Pro 2 tablets for field surveys. Instead of using a new, empty feature layer, my editable feature layer is one with existing point data and attributes. I have it set to only allow the field editor to toggle specific fields - they cannot delete existing or add new points. I am using subtypes and coded value domains. I am using Collector version

Note:  All three of the listed issues below affect Collector for Windows (using a Surface Pro 2 tablet), yet #3 also affects Collector for iOS (iPad Pro/iPhone 6s).

  1. Collector for Windows does not recognize certain layer symbology or specifications set forth in the web map and its hosted feature layers as it does successfully in iOS. For example, I want my editable feature layer to reflect no symbology when its points haven’t been changed from their initial status. In the Windows application, on both desktop and the Surface Pro 2 tablet, all points have a red dot symbol instead.
  2. Another issue in Collector for Windows is that the app is allowing pop-ups for features that I have purposely set to not show up.
  3. Collector, for both Windows and iOS, is recognizing some, but not all subtype default values. For example, when choosing either “Major” or “Destroyed”, the HABITABLE field should default to “0 - NO”. This works as designed in ArcMap, but not in Collector for either platform.

Issues 1 and 2 are more damning than #3. This must be a bug - has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps Esri could get their Windows team to take a look before we get slammed with hurricanes this season? 

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