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Point doesn't move on online map when I edit lat/lon

08-20-2019 07:45 AM
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A volunteer using Collector Classic entered a bunch of points from home, synced the data, and then gave me a worksheet with the actual field locations for each point. Using the online map, I can edit the lat/lon fields in the attribute table, but the points don't move automatically on the map - there's a mismatch between where the points are shown on the map and the associated lat/lon attributes.

Is there any way to get the points to reposition on the map automatically? Or must I move each point manually? If the latter, is there any way to display coordinates on the online map as I move the points (like in Desktop) or alternatively is there a very detailed grid layer (.01 degree) available somewhere?

Thanks for your help. I'm a volunteer myself and self-taught in all this, so there's a lot I don't know!


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Those fields are just text and have nothing to do with the spatial information.  Arc stores that internally.  Same if you move a plot those fields do not magically change.

To move a plot to a set lat/long

Start an edit session

Double click the point just right and it will turn to a diamond (it can be picky on the double click speed).  Then right click and pick Move to.  Enter lat and long then hit enter.

Save and it will move.

Make sure your map and data are in the same projection when you do this.

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