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plus symbol missing

06-24-2016 08:40 AM
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One of our users is using collector on his iPhone. He is loading Apps we have created that allow all of our users to add data using the "+" symbol. All users , who all use the iPhones, are having no issues and are seeing and using the "+" symbol to collect data. We have asked him to Log out and back in again. The system is recognizing him logging in. He has uninstalled Collector and re-installed to no avail. Before we reset the account does anyone have any suggestions?

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Has your user tested with a different iPhone?

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In addition to Tobias' suggestion, you might want to ensure this particular user's role within the ArcGIS Organization is the same as your other users who are not seeing the problem.  For a given role editing of features can be disabled.

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I'm having this issue too across all my android devices. Doug's suggestion above doesn't apply to me since the button used to be there. Now it shows up randomly. If it doesn't show, tapping the 'three dot' menu button forces it to appear. But when that happens, not all my layers appear in the choices or it flat out says, "No collectible layers are visible".

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