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Performance issues with Android Collector over VPN

03-29-2017 03:19 PM
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We have Portal 10.4.1 setup inside our network and we are using a VPN tunnel to provide access to content from an external internet connection or cellular network. On iOS this works great, users authenticate against our ADFS server and maps load that are configured for the applicable groups. However, when I switch over to an Android device we are having a different experience. The authentication happens quickly and consistently but the map list takes 2 minutes to load (I've timed this). Even more strange, when I make a connection to the same portal from the same device this time using Explorer there is no long delay. 

Has anyone else experienced this? We are having a hard time troubleshooting this issue and with load times this long the solution isn't fit for rollout to our users.


Here are a few things we have explored already:

  • confirm all the content in the maps being populated in the list are using internal data (no calls back out to AGOL)
  • reduce the number of groups and maps that need to load (we are just using 1)
  • confirm that outside the VPN tunnel (on the network) the list loads quickly as expected 
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If Collector on Android loads data as desired without the VPN tunnel, then I would suggest contacting your VPN vendor to discuss the issue. If you are familiar with a product called Fiddler, you can configure that with your Android device to capture the requests being made from the device to the server and point out to the vendor what is going on.