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09-11-2014 11:20 PM
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I have an "out of the box" question about ways of using the collector. I wonder is there a way to insert a txt into specific domain?

For example:

Let's say the domain is "my name is _____ and I am 12 years old"

And I want to insert in the blank place open txt or another domain like "Dani" or "Roi" or anything else.

Is there a way?

I know I can define a subtype but then I will get: in one field "my name is _____ and I am 12 years old" and the in the other field "Roi".

If there isn't a way I think it will be a nice upgrade.

Thank you,

Roi Algavish.

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Esri Notable Contributor

This is currently not supported. This would be changing a defined value set at the database level. If you are just using these values for display purpose you could adjust the popup in the web map. So what I would do is switch the popup from an attriubte list to a custom popup. This means you ca start writing the text for a sentence and then introduce fields within your sentence so when you identify a feature you will see the field values displayed within your sentence.

The popup configuration could look like this: my name is {NAME} and I am {AGE} years old


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