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Open Collector back up every time the iPad auto-locks?

10-11-2016 09:35 AM
New Contributor III

I am hoping to find a fix for an issue I am having with a Collector workflow.  The workflow consists of collecting sample point data.  There may be 10 to 30 minutes in between collection so the iPad auto-locks (falls asleep).  The problem is that after the iPad auto-locks the Collector app closes and the user has to open the app, select the map from the gallery, and occasionally has to sign back in to view the service (ArcGIS Server Feature Service).   Has anyone else experienced these issues?  Appreciate the help!


Eric Ertl

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Regular Contributor

Yes, that is all true and correct. To make matters even worse if the user travels to an area and loses cell connectivity with the device locked then the user can't do anything and must travel back to an area with signal, get logged in, map pulled up, etc. and then keep the device active through the "no signal" area in order to go perform the collection. Once the collection(s) are done then the user can let it lock again and the data collected in the "offline" mode will auto-sync once the device has signal again. It was due to these issues we had to setup all of our workflows as permanent offline only use scenarios and this prevents users from such headaches but requires more user training and more work on the GIS team to prepare everything for offline use at all times.