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Multiple Feature Classes to One Related Table

06-24-2020 10:34 AM
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I have a point, line, and area feature class that I want to relate to one monitoring table.

I have created GlobalID in the feature class and GuID in the table. 

Simple relationship classes between each feature and the table using 1:M, GlobalID to GuID, and forward messaging.

Feature Class Area > Simple Relationship Class 1:M, GlobalID to GuID, and forward messaging > Monitor Table 

Feature Class Line > Simple Relationship Class 1:M, GlobalID to GuID, and forward messaging > Monitor Table

Feature Class Point > Simple Relationship Class 1:M, GlobalID to GuID, and forward messaging > Monitor Table

This works as designed in the ArcGis Pro desktop but when published and used in Collector I get the error "1 or more attributes failed to submit" when trying to add a related event. 

Is this functionality possible? Am I doing something wrong in the configuration? I don't particularly want to create a static merge after the fact...



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Hmm - I know we've done something similar in the past... essentially creating a single inspection feature class related to multiple parent feature classes.  Is it possible you are having issues with the data types in your ID fields not matching up?

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If I have one feature relate only to one table it works perfectly (i.e. Area>Relationship>Table), but adding multiple relationship classes seems to break it in Collector. How did you set up your related IDs, did you use global to GuID or something different? 

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I have 9 to 13 related Feature classes to one main feature class and it works fine.  I use my own IDs though and not globalid.

I do not use globalids for keys for all the reasons in this post 

Hope that helps

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I am having the same issue described using Field Maps and the Edit widget in the Web App Builder; when trying to add a record to the related table under this exact setup, the application(s) are unable to submit.

Is there an explanation for why a GloablID related to a GuID may not function properly within this setup?

I posted my own question asking this:


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I tumbled around with this issue for a while. The problem seems to be same name on the ID-attribute fields.
I have to feature classes with defined relationships to one inspection table. The relations are based on GlobalID. My solution was to define different attribute fields in the relate-table. The relationships are:
GlobalID -> GUID_Polygons
GlobalID -> GUID_Points

In my original setup, I had the same attribute field - GUID. The relations worked fine in ArcGISpro. In Field maps, I saw established relations, but could not add new.
With this new setup, I can add and delete features and rows in Field maps. And I can take data offline.



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I've been struggling with this and just stumbled across your answer. My setup works perfect now. Thanks!

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Can anyone recommend an article/tutorial/blog that walks through the end-to-end process of setting up a related table, as discussed above for ArcGIS Pro 3.1.x?   The Create Relationship Class documentation is insufficient by itself. 

I have created a composite relationship between a point feature class and an attribute table  (composite because I want cascading deletes),  but I'm a bit clueless about what happens next in Pro as far as the configuration and editing workflow.  I'd like to learn how to add records in parent and child fc/table, populate keys, configure popups, and what does messaging really mean?

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Can I please know any of you see this error, when you open the attachments on the AGOL? when you combine multiple relationship tables to One feature.

"error":{"code":404,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["No Attachment found."]}}
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