Maps appear in my collector, but not to others in organization

10-08-2015 03:10 PM
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I have a simple point layer that I have created and hosted as a feature service in AGOL.
The feature service is editable. I have put this on a standard basemap and saved this webmap.
Everything is shared with my organization (web map, feature service, service definition).

The map appears in my Collector, however no other accounts within the organization can see the map.

The question has been asked a bunch of times, however most of the time the problem seems to be with the feature service not being editable (which I've checked, and edited on my account.)

Any ideas? Thanks! 

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Hi Kevin,

For other members of your organization to view the Web Map that you have created inside Collector for ArcGIS, you need to share that Web Map and its contents into a common Group which you both belong to. For help, see Share item with a group in the ArcGIS Online help.



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Cheers Sam

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