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Map Download Failed

07-24-2015 08:33 AM
Occasional Contributor

I'm having trouble downloading a map to my device, but only in one particular area with previously collected features. If I try to download another area of the map, I don't have an issue. It's a very simple map, just a basemap (aerial with labels) and a single layer from a published feature service with Sync. The layer has attachments that have been collected with each feature.

I'm not sure what the issue is with this one section of map, but each time I try to download this area, I get a:

"Map Download Failed: Unable to download the map. Item not found in the database. (Table, domain, relationship class, etc.) gpkg_contents"

If I look in the server log, I see a SEVERE error with message:

"Error: The item was not found. The item was not found. The item was not found."

It makes little sense that it only occurs in this particular area. I've run a check on the geometry and I don't get any geometry errors. I've checked the attachments, nothing unique, all are images and are relatively the same size.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Can you enable DEBUG level logging on the ArcGIS for Server to see if we can get more information related to this error? This will be in Server Manger under Logs>Settings. Also, what DBMS are you using, and what version of ArcGIS for Server/ArcSDE? Is this server federated with a Portal?



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