Map Areas for use in Collector, Don't want the maps basemap included.

11-03-2020 09:09 AM
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I created a Collector map in Portal. I set a TPK basemap to say that the device already has the basemap.  Since portal maps require us to have a basemap while building the map I have a basemap in the map but is not the same as the TPK I told it the device already has and will use.

When I created a manage area package.  I see it packaged up the basemap in the map. Why did it do this?  I don't want it to use the basemap in the map. I told it to use the TPK the phone already has.  How to create a map area package without it adding the maps basemap?

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Hi @AdamOlson - unfortunately this is a known limitation with the offline capabilities today. It would be great if you could publish this to the ArcGIS Ideas site (for Field Maps) as well so that it can be upvoted by others. Thanks!

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