Make use of ID list for new features?

03-17-2020 12:18 PM
New Contributor

Hey folks, here's the thing

I have a list of doors and addresses, about 4.5 million records already with XY, and now we need to do some maintenance in small areas from time to time, we can use arcgis in a windows tablet (with no data), or collector in a tablet/smartphone (with no data)

Wich one do you think would be a better option?

To edit the info is no problem, but my main worry is when we need to add new features in that area, we need to respect the ID's we have, so we get back to the office, everything checks out.

The idea is to take a table with the new info already, and when we create the feature, we can 'pick' the info we want, anyway this is possible?


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