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Launching Survey123 from Collector not working

03-30-2021 08:15 AM
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I have a survey that I want to launch from a feature layer in Collector. I went the route of the pop up link but I'm finding if I'm in the field offline the link doesn't work. Is there a method that would accomplish the same thing (ie launching a specific survey from a feature layer) while we are doing field work without cellular or wifi??

Thanks for any help!

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by Anonymous User
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I guess these suggestions are kind of obvious but two things come to mind:

1. Error in the code for the hyperlink.

2. The survey for Survey123 is not downloaded on the device. That might explain why it works when online but not when offline.

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Hi John,

Yeah, I thought about the hyperlink possibility, the thing is, it works when we're connected to WIFI, just not in the field while offline. So I'm not sure if that's normal?

The survey is already downloaded on our devices, so with it not working we just operate them independent of each other, it's just annoying and makes extra steps when we get back to the office

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Are you maybe using the http link?  It should look like this.  I do it all offline a lot.


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