Issue with view layer data created by offline collector

04-27-2020 04:34 PM
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Hello all, 

I have an issue with viewing a data that is collected by offline collector. Here is my workflow.

1. Address point layer is used to start collect the data.

2. Data will be collected within the related table of selected address point. Let's say its table name is 'form'.

3. A joined view layer has been created. When new data is captured, a new record will be populated with specific symbology.

4. A few different apps have been created with this view layer to manage workflow: web app builder apps and dashboard.

5. There are two versions of map: ONLINE and OFFLINE. ONLINE has the result view layer, but OFFLINE does not so that can be used while there is no internet connection. 

Here is my story.

After I used 'sync' once data from OFFLINE is collected, I can confirm that new data have been pushed to the view layer. I can see the result (view layer) from ONLINE map in Collector. However, it seems there are some delays in viewing data when it comes to the apps and maps (even ONLINE map) on the desktop browsers.

Problem 1 : Updated data seems to exist in the view records, but the symbology that I've set up are not applied - so the collection result cannot be checked visually and looks empty.

Problem 2: Sometimes I can see the updated data in the view layer in dashboard, but not in the apps that are used Web appbuilder, although the same map with the same view layer is fed to both dashboard and web appbuilders.

Problem 3: Although I can see the new data in the dashboard, it can be invisible depends on zoom level.

Problem 4: All the issues above are gone once I collect new data through Collector with ONLINE map. All missing data (invisible previously) from offline will stay steadily all the time regardless zoom level, and show in both dashboard and web appbuilder.

I am not sure what cause the issues - unstable visibility of view layer. Has anyone have similar experience?



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