Issue with downloading basemap for Collector 10.3.4 to an IOS 9.0.2 Device

10-14-2015 06:37 PM
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When downloading a basemap through a portal for Arcgis for Collector 10.3.4 for use on an IOS 9.0.2 device the file appears to partly down load then returns an error unable to download map "File open that is not a database file" These files download sucsessfully on an Android device. Using IOS 8.3 and 8.1 downloading these same files gave a Map Download Failed NSURLErrorDomain error -1013 and issue suspected to be an authorisation problem but which was not resolved.

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Hi David,

This may or may not be relevant to your use case. Does it work with iOs Collector 10.3.3?

Support Center Alerts

  • An issue has been identified in the latest version of Collector for iOS (10.3.4) that is available on Apple’s App Store. If you are currently using version 10.3.3 please do not upgrade to version 10.3.4. In the meantime, please ensure that automatic download of the app updates are turned off on your device. We are working on this issue and will have more information soon.
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HI, John,

No this has been an ongoing problem with all recent IOS and Collector versions.  The current work around is to upload the maps via itunes

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We are having the same issue.  No errors show up in the server log.

It partially downloads and then "File opened is not a database file"

Has this been resolved?

From above it sounds like maybe there is a method to manually upload a Runtime geodatabase for use, the reverse of the progress of grabbing an offline database off of an iPad using iTunes.  Is this documented anywhere?

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I have the same error, trying to download a map with features and basemap on iOS9.2.1, Collector10.3.6.

Map goes offline and syncs back successfully in Android.

Is there any update?

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Hi all,

Please find this response from ESRI, on 12/02/2016:

It looks like you are experiencing BUG-000092486
BUG-000092486 states the following:
Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) 10.3.5 returns the error, "Unable to download the map. File opened that is not a database file," when downloading an offline map from an ArcGIS 10.3.1 for Server site secured with web-tier authentication.
The only workarounds at this moment are to use Collector for ArcGIS on Android or disable web tier authentication on your server, both of which may not be desirable for you or your customer.

When I asked about timeline for fix, this was the response:

Unfortunately not [known] at this time.  It has been assigned to a developer and has a high status.  It could be addressed in the next version.


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Hi All,

Issue resolved in Version 10.3.7 and later