Is there a way to set a time out for the Collector App? If the App is inactive for X minutes then ask the user to login again.

03-19-2016 03:13 PM
New Contributor

The app in both iOS and Android are staying logged in, long after the user has finished with Collector. This is causing a security breach as anyone that has access to the device can access the Maps within the last logged in users Collector account.

Is there a way to set a forced logout after a set given period of inactivity within collector, requiring the user to login to continue.

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I don't believe a time-out can be set for collector.  You can do one of two things:

1. Use the device's security to lock access to the device after a preset time (you may also be able to do this with an app lock).

2. Use Collector's "Switch Account" option and remove the account.  This would require adding the account and signing back in for the next session.

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