Is there a way to collect a signature as an attachment or edit an attachment to include a signature with Collector?

05-11-2015 08:01 AM
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I would like to collect signatures from customers in the field using mobile devices (iphone, ipad) and Collector. 

Is there a way to collect a signature as an attachment or edit an attachment to include a signature?

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Hi David,

I'm not aware of any integrated way to take a signature from a customer using the Collector app.  That being said, you might be able to get away with loading a blank white signature image with a 3rd-party picture editor from the App Store that would allow for pen/touch signature to be written, and then save the image and attach it to the related feature.  Bit of a work around, and I've never tried it myself, but could be something to look at.



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Like what Todd said above - it's not possible in Collector (as far as I know) but you can download an app like DocuSign (works both on Android and iOS) and it saves their signatures as an image which you can then add as an attachment in Collector.


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Thanks guys, this does seem to be the case. I just wish Collector could add more than images as attachments, as well as access other app's content on your device. These 3rd party signature apps will upload forms that you can then capture signatures for.  However, I would like my form to be a pdf, which Collector will not upload.  So, I have to convert my form  to an image load it to the 3rd party signature app, collect my signatures, then download it back to my photos on my device so Collector can access it.  Even then, I'm stuck with a jpeg and not a pdf.  This workaround adds a lot of intermediate steps, but it should work. 

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Survey123 has it.  

I know not what you asked but it works great there.  Hope it helps.

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