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Is it possible to edit the foreign key in a 1:M relationship?

04-01-2020 09:21 AM
New Contributor III

Is it possible to edit the foreign key in a 1:Many relationship? For example, I am collecting data for street signs and posts. Posts may have many street signs, signs must have only one post (ignoring large signs with double posts or signs hung on cables between poles). As an example, I would like to be able to:

  1. create Post A and a related Stop sign record.
  2. erroneously create Post B and a related All Way sign that's actually hung on Post A(indicating it is an all-way stop).
  3. edit the All Way sign's related Post from B to A.

Currently, I cannot find a way to do item 3. above.


  • Under my Web Feature Layer settings, the foreign key is editable.
  • Under my Web Map settings, the foreign key is viewable in the popup. I can see it and copy it in Collector.
  • Under my Web Map settings, the foreign key is editable when configuring attributes (view pop-up -> configure attributes -> edit box is checked). I cannot see it in the edit field.
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