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Is is possible to have multiple editable feature layers for single collector map

03-24-2020 06:57 AM
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So I just starting to dive into Collector and AGOL, but I have several geodatabases that contain separate feature classes for  fire history(Prescribed and Wildfires), fireline construction. I’m using this to track where and when fire are occurring, size etc for my work group to report up the chain. Historically, I’ve just drawn the polygon to reflected what was actually burned during a prescribed fire or generate a polygon with Avenza to get the perimeter of wildfire. 
What I would like to do is take my existing hosted feature layers for line construction, fire tracking  and use them on collector? Do they need to be a single feature layer or can I have multiple editable feature layers for single collector map? And how do I set a form for those featuresto have people create the new attributes. Haven’t always found the documentation for AGOL 

P.S. I’m doing the ESRI trainings for AGOL, but prior to this organization it was always just a local shapefile, geodatabase,a Trimble,& arcpad. So I’m try to get up to speed, not feeling lost, just feeling like you do when I first started using ArcMap 8.x trying to find where everything is located 

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Hi Damian Smith,

Yes, you can! You can add multiple editable layers to a map.

You can find additional information about setting this up for Collector for ArcGIS via this link:

Make a map—Collector for ArcGIS | Documentation