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iOS, Collector, related table blank, nested table not there, iphone 4

03-25-2015 11:53 AM
New Contributor III

I am having problems with related and nested tables using Collector on iOS. I tried uploaded my own data which gave me a couple issues so I uploaded the map package provided with this blog (hydrants). I am still experiencing the same problems…

Problem #1

1. Select hydrant

2. Add new hydrant inspection

3. View hydrant inspections (related table). This screen is blank. When viewing this screen before there are any related records it says “no records” and after adding a record, it’s just blank. The records are there when viewing the maintenance related table on the web map; just not in Collector.

Problem #2

1. Select hydrant

2. Add new hydrant inspection

3. Scroll to the bottom and there’s no nested table. According to the blog tutorial, there should be a “Violations” nested table here. The blog comments suggest it worked for some but I’m not sure of their mobile operating system.

I’d test this on an android device if I had one.

*** Update ***

I have since tested this map using an iphone 5 and some kind of Android Verizon phone. Both of which worked just fine! Apparently Collector (10.3) related / nested tables doesn't work on my antiquated iphone 4. Has anyone else experienced this?

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