Installing Collector on Surface Pro 2

09-21-2017 08:04 AM
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I am trying to download and install Collector from the Windows Store for Apps onto a colleagues Surface Pro 2 Tablet (intel i5 x64 processor, running Windows 10), but the download link on the Store Page remains greyed so there's no way to download the program.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or does anyone know if this particular model Surface Tablet is supported by Collector? Is there a separate version of collector that can be obtained outside of the Windows Store for Apps?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me resolve this issue.

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What Windows 10 version do you use? I think you need the Anniversary Update or later.

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You'll need build 1511 or higher (originally released in November 2015).  We list minimum versions as part of our System Requirements.

You can easily check your version of Windows by opening a command prompt and typing winver.

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I am not sure which version of Windows 10 is installed on the Tablet, but that's a good point to investigate. Unfortunately I don't have regular access to the tablet so it might be a few days before I get to work on it again, but I'll keep you update and let you know if a straightforward windows update is all that is keeping me from downloading/installing the collector app.

Thanks for your help!

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