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Inconsistent sync errors with disconnected editing

03-14-2018 07:06 AM
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We've been using Collector for our sign inventory field maintenance for about 6 months now with the following setup:

- ArcGIS online web map

- Sign inventory published as a service from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 from a Windows 64-bit server running 2008 R2 Enterprise and SQL Server 2012.

- Sign inventory is stored in SDE and consists of a point feature class to represent supports, three tables to track related signs, support maintenance, and sign maintenance. We have relationship classes set up to tie the tables and the point feature class together.

- Field crews have brand new iPads. They download the sign editing service data in the morning, make edits in disconnected mode during the day, and then come back in the afternoon and sync with the master database.

Here's my problem: some users are having intermittent problems synchronizing their edits. I have yet to find a pattern to the issue. Some times, there are many edits to be synchronized. Some times, very few. Everyone is working in a completely separate geographic area, so there should be no conflicts with data editing. The wifi connection is stable; we've had IT check the log files to see if issues arise, and nothing has turned up.

Here is today's scenario: user downloaded data yesterday morning, made 5 edits, then returned in the afternoon and was unable to synchronize edits. User says that after getting the sync error yesterday, he left for the night. Then: "This morning he uploaded his map and the changes are not there. He has been getting a sync error but would close the app and restart it in the evening and then it would sync. He said that when he opens the app back up the red number on the sync button is still there and it sync’s fine."

I checked the log file for the sign service and see this:

The error at the top would have occurred at about the same time the user with issues would have attempted to sync.


I'm sure there is a pattern out there and I'm not seeing it. Is anyone else experiencing issues similar to this? Any advice on what I could do?

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