In Collector, who wants the first vertex of a polygon to be at their current location?

07-08-2020 03:39 AM
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Why does Collector drop the first vertex of a polygon at your current location?

I create systems for collecting environmental data in the field and lately a lot of that has been around recording weed infestation areas.  In the past (with Classic) you could tap the map which was perfect.  When we Aurora was released this annoying quirk was introduced, but we found you could get around it by slightly moving the map just before you created the feature.  Now that work around isn't working and every field worker is really pissed off and not shy in telling me how annoying this is.  Its pretty much everyone's number one complaint about Collector now.

We never, ever have had a need for the first vertex being at our current location when creating a polygon.  I cannot think why this would ever be remotely handy unless you were streaming vertices or something (which we've never had a need to do all these years of using Collector.)

The only way around this is to "delete" or "update" the first point, but the default should be that the user creates the first point.

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