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How to add custom attributes ?

08-04-2014 08:32 AM
New Contributor

Hi All,


I am newbie in this ARCGIS. I have one project requirement in iOS which collects the data.


Display USA map with different states boundaries.

Clicking on state will zoom in the area and will show Sub divisions of states.

Again clicking on sub division will display sub areas of that division.

Show map routes between current location and selected sub area.

Take pictures or collect data and save it to cloud.

There are custom fields like booleans YES/NO, textarea for entering description.


My Question/Doubts.


I checked the collector app of ARCGIS available on app store. Above my requirement can be fulfilled by collector app ? If Yes, How can i add custom attributes like booleans, text area in collector app. If No, then i have to go for new iOS app, What are the basic requirements to start with custom iOS application.


Should i require my own web server to store data or ARCGIS provides any online database storage ?


Thanks for your help in advance

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