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How do I improve my horizontal accuracy using the collector app with an external Trimble R10 GPS?

12-02-2016 11:07 AM
New Contributor II

We are using a Trimble R10 as an external GPS for the Collector App by using the NMEA adapter from Aman Enterprises.  We are also connected to our local NTRIP corrections service. When we got it all set up an running the horizontal accuracy peaks out at 3.8 ft.  We need it to be more accurate than that, and we know the R10 is very capable of delivering the accuracy.  Does anyone know a fix for this?  We should be getting sub foot accuracy.

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I can't speak specifically about the R10, but I am using an R2 connected to a NTRIP correction service and get cm accuracy.  The difference is the R2 is specifically supported by Collector via the Trimble GNSS Status App.  Perhaps the NMEA adapter isn't passing the corrections properly.  It sounds like you are just getting autonomous positions sent to Collector.

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