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Hide or show fields based on a feature SubType.

03-24-2015 07:39 AM
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I have done a lot of search about this issue and could not find a solution.

I have a featurclass with 30 fields and it contains lets say 2 subtypes. ( these subtypes has some shared fields but also some specific ones.)

How can i show only a subset of the fields when the user is editing one SubType ?


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I have thought of a solution for this issue but that needs to be implemented on the Collector Application side only.

We can set a default value lets say "HIDE THIS FIELD" for each field that we want to hide / per SUBTYPE.

Since ArcGIS Collector reads these default values, per subtype, it should be able to filter the Entry form and show only the fields of the Selected subtype that doesn't have a default value like ."HIDE THIS FIELD"

Instead of this long value 'HIDE THIS FIELD' you can decide to recognize a special string like ' #H# '

This solution works by modifying only the ArcGIS Collector. No need to change anything from the server-side nor the AGOL map.

This is very serious issue that we are dealing with, because we have a Table with 99 fields and 14 SubTypes.

During the collection each subtype should show only a subset of these 99 fields.